I have been working in the arts for over 20 years now, producing visual arts projects with my friend and co-conspirator Sharon Bailey at ISIS Arts.  Our projects range from the spectacular to the intimate, are frequently international, and always reveal stories that might not otherwise be told.

The more you do, the less you know, and our international experiences regulary question established ways of seeing, planning and doing.  Having been involved in a number of regional and national policy forums, including regional cultural strategies and national international arts strategies, I became interested in wider European and International platforms for cultural development.  In 2006 I was awarded a NESTA international Cultural Leadership fellowhip and 6 years ago I took up a position of non executive director on the board of Cutlure Action Europe, the political platform for culture based in Brussels and working across Europe.

I am now a regular contributor to European conversations, and am looking forward to my work with the British Council, CSM and the Congress of Cultural Activists in Ukraine.

I am starting this blog in the Autumn of 2015 during a British Council secondment to Ukraine and in advance of a number of international visits, exchanges and presentations.  D6 relates to the gate number at Schipol Airport used most oftern for the final legs of my journeys back to Newcastle.